Thursday, April 9, 2015

Images and mobiles in Nepal

Images are part of life today and with increase in the use of smartphones, we have a lot of images that we could be sharing all over the internet.

One of the main thing that I would like to describe in this post in the revolution of images and how that has changes the life in today's future.

I would like to start up with a story from me and my brother. It was some 10 years back as far as I remember, my brother was in class 10 and I was in class 7. For your information, I am a graduate in Business IT from University of Center Lancanshire and things has changed a lot then and now. My brother completed two years intermediate level studies, went to the USA as a student and then settled there and got a green card two years back. The main thing is that I wanted to tell you that it was long time back, the story I am sharing now.

My brother shared me an images, he zoomed it and could show me someone who was way up in a building staring at the school where they were taking pictures from a teacher's 1.3 megapixel camera. He said me that it was a 1.3 mega pixels camera, I was so amazed to see the images.

Today, even a front camera comes upto 8 megapixels and more. The main thing behind it is, even at that time, the image was 1 mb in size which was huge, but with increase in picture quality, the images now are even heavier than 5 mb. So what you can do is share the images in internet with free images uploading websites online to save your hard disk space.

Although there are different other alternatives as well, but this one works best for me. Usually people share those photos in Facebook and get back when they need later, but at imgup you can save any size images and their web servers are very strong to handle the large files as well.

There are other social media sites as well that could host your images, however facebook and Google+ are common one, you should need to be different than others.

I always wanted a different ways I could share my files, and I used different types of file sharing website, but when it comes to images sharing, I use nothing more than this.

This website is best because it has even been shared at lifeshack which means the website is good enough to get an attention from top websites. So if you are planning to host some images in the internet and share it with your friends, nothing could be better option than this one. This is why I suggest you must work with this and it will change the way of your image sharing concept.

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